At Bower-Jacquard Psychological Services,we offer a wide range of Therapeutic
services for problems such as:


â�¢   Addictions

â�¢   Attachment Disorders

â�¢   Parenting Issues

â�¢   Learning and Behaviour Problems

â�¢   Attention Deficit Disorder

â�¢   Anxiety Disorders

â�¢   Adjustment Problems

â�¢   Family Therapy

â�¢   Coupleâ��s Therapy

â�¢   Coping Strategies

â�¢   Anger Management

â�¢   Assertiveness Training

â�¢   Stress Management

â�¢   Workplace Issues

â�¢   Depression, Pain and Health Problems

â�¢   Identity Issues

â�¢   Social Skills Training

â�¢   Domestic Violence and Trauma


Our clinicians utilize a variety of techniques including (but not limited to):

â�¢   Play Based Therapy

â�¢   EMDR

â�¢   Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

â�¢   Dialectical Behavioral Therapy

"Health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity"